Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Everlasting Darkness by Connie Wing (one of my students from EduKingdom)

Darkness, infinite darkness

surrounded me.

I took a step forward

wandering around to see if someone was here,

with me.

I took another step,

and another

The only sound that filled the area

was my footsteps.

I was strolling in an isolated place


And finally, in front of me.

A Hill.

I saw a fuzzy figure of something

Or should I say.


It was a man,

a strange man.


really tall.

And he

he was wearing a bright blue necklace.


And mysterious.

The man

was he

waving at me?

“I’m here to get you, Elena.”


I found myself sitting on the bed, breathing heavily. I touched my face carefully with two fingers.

I tried to be calm and turned my head to the digital-clock beside my bed.

06:44 AM.

Something was wrong

I shook my head a few times to be sure that I was awake and jumped down from the bed, stepped into the bathroom and washed myself, and finally walked towards the kitchen.

Something was totally wrong

I quickly made breakfast and sat down in front of the television, switching to the news.


The house echoed the sound of my swallowing and biting.

I put my hand in my pocket

and slowly brought out a thing.

A shiny thing.

The bright blue necklace.


It was found in my pocket this morning,

but it wasn’t there last night.

I turned my head

to stare at the calendar.


What a miserable day.

*In chinese the number ‘4’ was pronounced as the chinese character of ‘death’.


“Yo Elena, what’s up?”

It was Emily, Elena’s best friend and the only person in the world who Elena trusted.

“Hey ElenaAre you okay? You don’t seem alright?”

Emily was very sensitive with people around her, especially Elena.

[Don’t you dare to tell herElena.?]


Elena saw something waving in front of her eyes. It was Emily’s hand.

“Ahsorry Emily, II was thinking about thethescience fair tomorrow.”

Elena lied. She didn’t want Emily to get worried about her.

[Good for youElena.]

“Oh yeah! The science fair! I haven’t started yet!!” Emily shouted, “Ugh, no, no, noMs Li is going to kill me!! I don’t even know what I should do for my topic

Elena wasn’t listening. She was thinking about the nightmare, the necklace andthe man.

[I can seeconfusion appearing in your mind.]

“Sorry Emily!! I think I forgot something!!”

Elena waved at Emily and ran to one of the buildings beside her.

“Eh? But

[ ]

“Stop hiding and come out! I know you’re here!!”

[ ]

“I’ve got your necklace but I don’t get the point of you giving it to me.”

[ ]

“Come on

[You’ll need some sleepElena.]


The darkness


The hill


The nightmare



where is the man?


am I wearing the necklace?


am I standing on the hill?


am I waving to a girl?

And why

am I smiling?